Tax Defense and Enforcement

Support in Tax Audits

  • Tax defense, including assistance with tax audits and appeals
  • Legal advice on preparation for the Final Review
  • Legal support in developing and implementing a plan to pay off, settle, appeal or defer your tax debt

Tax Dispute in Opposition Proceedings

  • Submission and justification of the opposition to the tax office
  • Requests for suspension of enforcement and / or suspension of recovery
  • Analyzes reply from the Finanzamt and develops strategic responses
  • Participates and negotiates with the tax office on behalf of client in meetings and settlements

Legal Representation in Litigation

  • Representation in litigation proceedings involving local and state tax agencies
  • Examination of the prospect of success as a result of legal action, an appeal of non-admission, or a revision
  • Settlement of complex litigation, including maximizing the tax advantages of settlements

Legal Representation in Administrative and Constitutional Jurisdictions

  • Implementation of administrative proceedings 
  • Legal representation before the Federal Court with constitutionality disputes