Tax law knows no limits, and neither do our consultants!

Our clientele ranges from large companies to smaller associations to private individuals. We work closely with tax advisors, supporting and consulting them in complex matters of fact/or law as well as in the implementation of appeals. Building trusting relationships with our clients has always been the basis from which we work and remains the keystone of our business today.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people. - Steve Jobs

Schulze-Borges PartGmbB has been known as one of the premier law firms in Germany since 1952.  Each of our practice areas are highly regarded, and our lawyers and tax consultants are recognized throughout Germany for our commitment to the representation of our clients‘ interests.  We advise tax consultants on a variety of tax matters ranging from complex legalities regarding tax transactions, to appellants seeking to overturn unfavorable court orders or verdicts. Our law firm also offers multi-lingual capabilities to compliment our wide range of specialized services for both enterprises and private individuals. Throughout our history we have played a central role in how German law is practiced, how lawyers and tax consultants are trained and how business risk is managed.


Emergency number

In the case of an urgent situation, such as unannounced search or arrest, you may also contact us outside our office hours at the number below


0151 75010077