Legal Consulting for Tax Consultants

Tax and Corporate Consultants often have to deal with legal issues outside his core competency. Moreover, not every consultant wants to wade through the mirky waters of procedual law but rather spend his time in the day-to-day business of consulting. These are the reasons tax and corporate consultants have been using our legal consulting services for decades. For over 60 years, our firm has provided the highest quality legal consultation and advisory across a wide spectrum of commercial, tax, corporate and contract law, from large corporations to private individuals.

Our joint cooperation may include a purely advisory activity, for example an external audit, or may also cover a full transfer of the mandate in the case of legal proceedings. Regardless of the course chosen, your comprehensive involvement is extremely important to us so that we may find a common solution to your client's problem. We are not interested in taking over command of your client, therefore absolute mandate protection is self-evident to us and guaranteed in writing.